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Not a beware, yet. Just wondering what to do, precisely.

Alright, so. Back in September of 2011, I commissioned an artist for a $15 icon and a $30 digital badge, to be worked on/completed in October/November of that same year. Said artist was trying to raise funds to move across the country, and, as I was looking for art, I went ahead and commissioned her. Paid the $45 via paypal, it was received, all was well.

After her move, she did complete the icon, along with all the other icons she owed. She forgot a couple of details, but she was happy to add those, and I was satisfied and very happy with the finished result. All I had to wait for was the badge, and as I was quite far down her queue, I was prepared to wait a while.

In October, November and December, she sent a mass email update stating that she’s taken on a bit more than she can chew, and the remaining commissions are going to be delayed. She posts a rough estimate for when they will be done. Mine was to be done in March, then in June, and now she’s removed the estimates altogether.

I’ve had five email updates from her, all stating that yes, she’s working on them, she’s going to get them done, very sorry everyone, and so on. I understand completely that she’s overwhelmed, and that she needs to take occasional commissions to gain money to live on. She frequently takes, and finishes, streaming commissions. She’s posted several over the last couple of months.

Meanwhile, her queue of thirty-five plus commissions that are overdue by 6-8 months is standing still. I’ve contacted her via twitter to ask what’s going on, and was told that she planned on sending out another email to update everyone. Which is fine, it’s great that she’s keeping everyone updated, but every email says the same thing. She apologizes, says she feels guilty and overwhelmed, and says she will finish her outstanding queue.

She’s offering voluntary refunds to those interested. I’d rather not take that option, since I really do love her work, and I do want my badge. The issue is not the waiting, it’s that I’ve seen no actual progress on her overdue works. None have been finished thus far. The one at the top of her queue is still listed as “pending sketch approval”, and has been for sometime. That’s the only one on a list of 35+ that has anything other than “unstarted” next to it.

I’ve contacted her on twitter again, stating that I understand that she needs to take additional commissions, but the fact that there’s been no movement on her backlog concerns me. It’s been nine months since I paid her, and roughly seven or eight since the work was initially supposed to be finished (which, whatever. I was prepared to wait if I had to, but not indefinitely). Am I just impatient, or am I right to be a little concerned?

Note: Not revealing the artist, although it's probably obvious to some people, because again, this is not a beware. I'm just looking for advice on what to do, and how to approach her. Also, I'm sorry if this is a little confusing, I tried to be as clear as possible on little sleep.
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