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I commissioned someone back in march for and item that would take about 4 months for the product. I was told I was 5th on the list that she had, I asked her a few questions and then left her alone until May 17th, which was the last note she answered. I found she had another account so I left a shout on her page to see how it was going, not trying to be a bother but it was beginning of last month that I just asked for an update. my notes have gone un-answered since I figured out she had another account.

I plan on giving her until about the 2nd week in august to give me the item I commissioned, I have only paid 1/2 of the total price. Its something that I REALLY want, and have wanted for a while... But what bothers me the most is that my notes have gone unanswered and she seems to be ignoring me... all I want is an update that's it, I'm not trying to be a bother I just wanted to make sure she didn't need the other half or whatever... I hate bothering people I commission, but its been the 4+ months I was told, and I am fine waiting, I just want an update...

I don't really know what to do... Let me know what you all think.

(her name has been withheld until I find something out)
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