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Beware: TheUnborn

WHO: TheUnborn


WHAT: I commissioned her for a NSFW sketch of my girlfriend's character with two of her male characters.
Screencap of agreed upon commission and payment:

WHEN: I commissioned her on February 2nd, 2012 and paid via Paypal Feb 6th. Over 4 months later a WIP has been shown, but the sketch is still not finished.

PROOF: Payment:
Note conversation on FA:

EXPLAIN: I commissioned her on February 2nd, 2012 and paid via Paypal Feb 6th. Two weeks went by and I check to see how things were coming, she hadn't started on it yet but promises to start on it within the week. A full month goes by and I check in again on the 1st of April and she claims she couldn't work on it since she just got the internet back, but she'll be finishing it that week. Mid April she claims to have my commission done. Nothing. She then starts to say its her medication that she can't draw, along with artist block. At the end of April I finally get a WIP and it'll be done that night. After that she starts working on "other projects" including a comic and something to do with voice acting, so again, commissions are delayed. Almost the entire month of May goes by and not a word. The 20th rolls around and still "almost finished" and she's "working on it now" 4 days later and she "loses all her recent progress" because her program crashed and she didn't save. On the 8th of this month she says she's working on it again. Here we are week days later and she's been doing $1 stream sketches, working on animated icons and I'm still waiting.

I'm a pretty patient guy, but over 4 months for a $15 dollar sketch? Yeah I'm getting pretty fed up. It sounds like its a case of taking too much on at once. If she didn't handle commissions like this I'd commission her more.

RESOLVED!: I received both a refund and the art commissioned!
Tags: artist-theunborn/dhampyre, beware, resolved
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