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Update Post - Galagya

Since I was involved in the Galagya situation I figured I'd give an update on what's happened with me (and most of her other customers).  I did comment on the original posts and since an update has yet to be made I may as well offer an update as it definitely deserves one.

Original posts can be found here and here

In the original posts, Galagya had been selling "premade" poses and characters and had taken months to complete them, let alone give an update.  When she did update she would only comment with things like "these will be done soon" or "I'm working on these", however the buyers would see little to no work to show for what they had paid for.  Eventually, Galagya returned to these topics and offered refunds to the buyers.

Galagya has refunded all of the buyers from her premade sale (the "wolf-set" that was to be completed):
Going through the rest of the topic shows that none came forward to say they had not been refunded, minus myself.

My paypal refund for the set:

The buyers of the dredge puppies were also offered refunds, most accepted the refund while some wanted to continue to wait for the art instead:
Messages from Gala to the buyers:

Buyer confirming refund (I figured one random post would be good enough since most of them all say the same thing):

I would pull up records to show that I was refunded, however Chatlands only allows me to go back one month, in my delta records, and I was refunded several months ago.

Since then Galagya has been taking on, and completing, new commissions both on WolfHome and, most recently, FurAffinity.
Her WolfHome policy has customers paying only after their commission has been completed:

Her working/completed list about a month ago (plus the rest of her policy and etc):

And now:

On FA she has a refund policy that states a refund will be given if the art is not completed within one month:

And finally her working list on FA:

All in all, Galagya has made up for her mistakes with recent sales, offering and giving refunds to those who wanted them or working towards completing owed work for those who preferred the art.  Her current policy allows her to finish part of or all of the work before she receives payment and is remaining open to refunds.

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