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Never Refunded

WHO: Akemi/Flarveon/Poppy Pandacoon


WHAT: I asked her to make a tail for me and paid $30 in cash, this commission was taken in person so I have no digital proof of the transaction.

WHEN: In around March last year I asked Akemi to make me a tail at a local coffee meet and paid her in cash. I told her the details and showed references from my FA page. I asked if it could be done by FurDU, a convention on the Gold Coast in Australia, which was at the end of April. She agreed that she could have it done by that time.

I didn't ask her about it for some time even after the deadline passed, nor did I have any contact from her about it, I'm quite a patient person. I was the first to initiate contact again via PM in May of last year at which time she stated she had received the wrong fur and offered me a refund, which I accepted. She said it would be in my account the following Wednesday but then sent a PM almost a week later saying that she couldn't pay. I said that it was fine and I understood.

There was no further contact on this matter until November last year when I again asked about my refund, this time over FA notes. She said she couldn't pay me because she had to put it towards bond and only gets paid fortnightly but would pay me the next time she was paid. I said I would contact her in a week but I didn't feel comfortable, I was following her journals at the time about her moving and I felt that if I contacted her again I would just get another run around.

Finally in March this year I told her not to worry about the refund, I had seen her journals about needing surgery so I thought it might help her out and I didn't feel like flogging a dead horse any longer.


EXPLAIN: I did resolve this issue I suppose, by giving up (never got a note back after that final one btw although it was read). It was annoying that she owed me money but was taking commissions, selling suits, working and BUYING commissions (and a new Artslave suit recently?) but didn't have $30 to pay me.

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