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Auction'd Item: Need Advice

Alright, getting straight to the problem. 

I just recently auctioned off a hand painted munny vinyl toy I did recently to try to raise money to help pay off medical bills. There was only 1 bid, and I know the person personally. The bid was the base price of $30.00 and they won. I went to contact them about it, even though they kept pestering on how I did on the auction and to look to see who one, which was rather irritating since I already knew they won before the auction finished.

I talked to them about the payment and they tell me they will pay when they get back home, which I thought getting back home as in visiting their parents before flying off to France for the summer. Turns out they ment the end of summer so I won't be getting money from the auction till school starts back up. 

I'm rather frustrated about it, but not sure what to do in this situation. I plan to contact them and give them a fair warning before putting it back up for auction, but not sure if they will be easy to contact while they are in France. I've asked a few people about it and most of them say to re-auction the item, but others say to wait since it's just $30.00.

What do you guys think I should do? This is the first time i've had to deal with a situation like this.
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