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Beware: PatchworkSpirit

Previous Advice post:

Okay after being told by several people in the community, I have decided to make a beware and name the person.

Apologies if anything is broken or messed up or immature-sounding. Tell me and I will fix as soon as I can.

EDIT: Censored out personal information.

WHO: PatchworkSpirit (formerly ChibiWolfos)

WHERE: DeviantART and Facebook, and a Furbuy Auction that recently caused me concern.

WHAT: A fursuit head base to be furred in exchange for another, which was then attempted to be sold in a lot with various tails and suit parts.
Mother is/was a smoker and she refuses to inform people because of her claim that her mom quit. 
Rude and immature behavior regarding this subject, and in her interactions/suitmaking.

WHEN: Around September 2011-January 2012 initial interaction, Auction was in May and recently ended.

PROOF: Screenshot of auction (no screenshot of pictures on her dA where she was selling items that weren't labeled either, as she put those images in storage and currently isn't selling anything, and I believe I cleared my fb of her) (see below for screenshot)


This person is 13-14 years old, but I do not recall if I was informed of this shortly before the trade or after the items were in her possession.

I will try to keep this as clear as I can, as I do tend to forget things and remember them later.

Late last year, I had gotten into fursuiting and had joined a group for it on deviantART. I found a partial I thought was pretty neat and decided to comment. At the time, she went by ChibiWolfos. We started to chat a little more through notes and comments and became friends. Since all she had for IM was facebook, we exchanged names. At the same time, I began work on my own fursuit.

On facebook one day I told her I had finished the foaming and realized I couldn't fur it (my previous attempt involved sewing a complicated pattern that probably wouldn't work) and we started playing with the idea that she could do it in exchange for payment. I didn't have any money, so I offered her my other almost nothing base, seen here:

She agreed, if I would turn the muzzle into a rabbit so she could make a bunny goat. So I did.

So I sent both heads off in the same box, along with two colors of fur and a reference picture of the character. Told her she could keep the scraps, too. (which wasn't a very smart idea now that I think about it)

I waited for a while, and then this pops up on my fb:
Great! It looks like she's almost done. I think she had it for about a week or two at this point.

A month or so passes, and I have a meeting where I have to show a project I've done. Since she was so fast with the first part, I assumed she could maybe send it to me in time for this meeting. I give her a due date to send it by, and if that didn't work, maybe give me another picture. She says her camera is broken, so she just sends me to the picture above again and I print it out. Not much of a big deal, I guess.

We continue to talk and she acts a little rude to my friends. She yelled at one of them because she misunderstood their sarcastic remark, told me repeatedly that maybe I should break up with my girlfriend (not sure if it was a joke), and told another one of my friends on one of my statuses to gtfo. Yes, get the f*ck out.

I don't remember if I asked or anything, but she put up another picture later on:
It looks exactly the same as before. Zero progress has been made. I'm a little surprised. But a picture is something, right?

Around mid December I believe I started to get tired of her attitude. She gave off a similar vibe that my ex did, and that didn't end well for me. I didn't want to be pushed around any more. But she still had my suit head, so I felt like if I said anything I would never get it back. 100 or so dollars down the drain.

So I ask her in a deviantART note if I could just have it back now (fingers crossed that she could possibly finish it up), and gave her my address again just in case. Please excuse the childish circling, and underlining. I originally tried to show a friend this and show her the important parts. My address needed to be blacked out anyway. Keep in mind this is two conversations stitched together, but I don't remember the real order. The black line in the middle separates them. TheJTeam is me.
Ren Notes
Not only did she rip the package open so the address wasn't present, but she claims she couldn't figure out foam ears, nose, or cheek because she was used to plastic canvas. I know it might have been my fault for not knowing that, but why accept a job you say you can do but really can't? Also scribbled out in crappy MS Paint is her reasons why she couldn't get the head back to me. This is possibly why you shouldn't make friends with someone you decide to have fur your stuff. You feel obligated to care about this list. But at this point I really really don't, honestly.

Finally, she posts this journal:
Yay! So I wait for about a week, and I finally get my lovely little fursuit partial back. Squished in a big square shoebox. And, as promised, I blocked her. Both ChibiWolfos and PatchworkSpirit. Then I find this on my page:

She made this account just to ask me that. I was already frustrated, so I just blocked that one too. I know its rude but I was on my last nerve. Why?

Picture 005
This is my partial, fresh out of the box. Well not exactly fresh. When I tried to put it on, I couldn't due to the smell. It stank of cigarette smoke.  Well, her mom is/was a smoker. And I found out the hard way.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the major complaint. She doesn't tell you that. Not anywhere. Not on her tails, gloves, suit parts, heads, toys, or anything else she tries to sell.

Just this past month I encountered a lot of fursuit parts for sale on Furbuy. At first I didn't notice the seller name, but then I saw something in the auction picture that was familiar:
The head is almost unrecognizable at this point, but I know because of the head shape, the cheeks, and the C-shaped mark on the side. But look at the description. Non-smoking home. That wasn't even in the original auction, because I put a comment warning people about it. She screened it, but later said something along the lines of "We don't smoke here anymore. Please don't comment if you don't know." And posted that label. Well even if that is true, that head has been sitting in at least four months worth of smoke. And that concerns me.

After the auction ended (nobody bid), this journal popped up:
She doesn't seem to know or care that even if nobody smokes anymore, there's still nicotine everywhere. Somebody might still bid on it even if it comes from a smoking home if you tell them, not my fault.

In conclusion, she is rather rude and immature, and she doesn't tell you that her items reek of smoke.

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