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Commissions going unpaid

WHO: Trixivonvanity


WHAT: digital art

the commission started on April 19th
May 31st and not a penny paid for the finished commission

After getting suspicious of her ignoring notes asking if she's able to pay yet, I went to someone else who drew a commission for her. All I have for proof that she is indeed ripping people off for free art is this:
(currently asking another person who drew a commission for her if they got paid)

Basically I was commissioned 2 badges for $20 though it was extra charge for the required photo paper and sending them off for $7 more, after showing uploads of the WIP I made the mistake of sending off the badges and uploading the final versions, believing them when they said they would pay when they could but were having troubles with Paypal.
After almost a month of waiting, I contacted another person who had drawn for her and they were never paid, also. There were a couple other shady features about her through her gallery and page on FA and DA.

I'm not 100% sure on if this person really IS going around ripping people off for free art and not paying, but after me and someone else being jipped of money for art, I'd rather be cautious then let this happen to future artists and commissioners.
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