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Need Advice - Unresponsive Commissioner

EDIT 2: They have since responded to the last note I sent. They said they never received my previous notes. I'm not so sure, but FA has been getting updated and changed around, so maybe it did glitch or something. But regardless, I have their information now, and I'm going to get the badge sent out ASAP. I'd like to inquire this be marked as 'Resolved', thank you for the advice everyone!

: I have since noted the Commissioner one last time, stating that they have one week to respond to me before I will no longer send them the badge. If they fail to respond within that time, I will keep the money for now, but if they contact me in the future, I will still be more than willing to give them a refund. But I will NOT send them the badge, if they still want it they can print/laminate it themselves. Thanks for the advice everyone!

About a month ago, I had a client (Whom I'm going to keep anonymous) Commission me for three pieces - A detailed reference sheet, a badge, and a cell phone wallpaper. All three have been finished and posted since, and now my problem is this;

Not only have they merely favorited the reference sheet, neglected to respond at all to the other two commissions as far as favoriting, and haven't commented on any, but they also have been ignoring my notes. They paid for me to print, laminate and ship the badge to them, and when I asked for their address, they read the note but did not respond.

I'm not really sure how to deal with this, as I have the suspicion that they don't like what I gave them for whatever reason, and that's why they're ignoring me. Though correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the right thing to do, be to let the artist know you don't like something about the piece so they can possibly fix it, rather than ignore them altogether?

And I have checked their profile, they have been on FA since the posting of the Commissions and my notes, as they have favorites from mere hours ago (even today), and the two notes I sent were read. I did shout on their page with links to the finished commissions as well, so there's no way they didn't know they were done.

So should I continue noting them? Should I ask if there's something wrong with the piece(s)? Is it wrong on my behalf to think a commissioner should at least comment on the work they bought, if not favorite or re-post it too? Or should I just refund the extra they gave me to ship the badge, and just leave it at that?

Thanks in advance.
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