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Advice post

Never thought I would post here! This is the most amazing epic debacle I've ever seen in my life, and I need some advice. Technically I got burned out of money I was supposed to be paid, but more importantly at this point an entire convention of people are being burned out of money. I would like to leave names out for now, I don't want to put people on blast but I can later depending on what happens.

Can someone open a paypal dispute on an intangible object they paid for past the dispute period, like 9 months ago? If it's a large group of people *100-200 people* that open up a dispute at the same time will it freeze their paypal or will it not matter because they bought tickets in some cases a very long time ago. The fear is them taking all the money and running and the goal is to stop it.

The deal is a convention that was supposed to be happening next weekend was cancelled. A week ago. How/why/who was at fault for the cancellation is up to interpretation. The fact is they didn't fill the room block the said they would. Eventually I will encourage everyone involved to post an A_B on these people for the sake of future dealers/artists/attendees.

Any advice I can take to these poor people who I'm pretty sure will have to fight tooth and nail to see any money back would be really appreciative.
Tags: advice for artists, advice for commissioners, paypal

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