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Not as much of a complaint as merely a concern.

Before I begin, may I note that this is not a report of 'wrongdoing' per say. This user commissioned me a good deal of time ago and never approved the sketch. He's paid and I want to either give him a partial refund for not being able to contact him, or actually get approval to finish the art. I've messaged him repeatedly and I don't know if they are getting the messages and I do not want him to either forget he's commissioned me or feel as if I didn't do the work I promised. I feel I should have posted to AB sooner, but I wanted to give it time. Here's hoping someone can help me find them!

WHO: Username: Hajinn @FA


WHAT: Digital commission of a full color of this character.

WHEN: April 19th 2012
PROOF:  All the note exchanges into one.

EXPLAIN: We arranged the commission over F-list and due to the fact that he was paying with linden through paypal, I agreed to hold off on the commission because I was weary of the money and had never accepted payment like that before. The payment, though, did go through and I promptly got on making a sketch and a pre-render of the drawing. I've had no response since giving him the sketch, and he paid for a full color. I'm worried that this will reflect poorly upon me, as I am normally very prompt with my artwork. If anyone can assist me in contacting Hajinn, I would be most appreciative.

Tags: comm-hajinn, lost contact
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