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Mod Post: Beware unofficial social media 'mirrors'!

Hey everyone!

We'd like to announce something to the community as a whole. Recently there have been a few cases of Artists Beware clones popping up on various social media websites. We would like to let you all know that these 'mirrors' are not official Artists Beware portals. Our only portals are this LJ community, ab_archive and a mirror of A_B on DreamWidth. These three sources are all run by moderators of this, the 'mothership' community.

As for these other 'mirrors'; we don't know who's running them but they seem to do it so people who do not have LJ accounts can loophole out of signing up for one, and/or for the fact we do not allow proxy posts.

We do the latter for quality control, and to make sure the members of our community get their answers right from the source without any 'telephone effect'.

The former is not an issue because as some of you might have noticed, LiveJournal allows people to interact in communities via GooglePlus (G+), Facebook and Twitter. Not only in comments, but actual entries as well. You can even go through these connect widgets to create an actual LJ account anyway, should you choose to!

We'll be editing our info to reflect this knowledge, and we hope that you, our members will continue to guide people towards our LiveJournal community, for quality control, user protection and immediate action in case of anything, be it good or... not so good.

And for those who either were or already have entertained and followed through with the idea of a 'mirror site': We're flattered you want to help spread the word and all, but we'd prefer if you did NOT use the name 'Artists Beware' for a user title, or copy any content from this or our official mirrors to your own. This is to avoid confusion in the user base, and is again for quality control, user protection, and more.

Thank you guys for your support, you're the best!
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