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Beware: Tashumitsu

Who: Tashumitsu (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tashumitsu/) / Tani-Da-Inki (http://tani-da-inki.deviantart.com/)

What: Sketch trade.

When: I finished my part of the sketch trade in February of 2011.

Explain/ Proof: I posted a journal on FA back in February asking if anyone was willing to do a trade for my boyfriend's character, Gabriel. I have since deleted it, but Tashumitsu replied saying they would be willing to do it. We exchanged info (mind you they already had what character I wanted), and I finished my piece shortly after.

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5212952/ (SFW)

And then I hear nothing from Tashumitsu until April when he shouted this journal on my page-


Ok, that's excellent. :) I thanked him and then proceed to wait a bit more. It's now August and I haven't even seen this half sketch, so I shoot him another note.


Well, ok! That's good. You can see my response, but he never responded back to me whether or not he had started it, or if it was sitting half done. Silence.

I waited and noted Tashumitsu on October 8th. I'll admit my note may not be polite, but I was kind of at a loss on what to tell him.


That note didn't get responded to, but I did notice activity in his account. Frustrated, I sent him a note titled Last Contact. I can't seem to find the actual note anywhere, but I did say that unless they responded to me I would be going to A_B. They did respond saying they would get on it and asked me what A_B was. Accepting that, I responded back with the following note.


Shortly after this I got a job offer and had to ship out for training and moved shortly after. The whole thing slipped my mind until April-ish and I went over to their account. He had posted a journal asking for people they owed art to respond. I responded.


I heard nothing until today where another artist posted a journal asking for art trades. Now that I am calm, I regret posting in her journal (and if you're reading this, I apologize again for bringing that into your space). I should have noted them, but I was incredibly upset at this point. Tashu stated they wanted to trade with them meanwhile owing me for more than a year. That was the last straw and here I am.


The artist's name has been edited out to protect their privacy. My comments were hidden by me as they don't need that on their journal.

In short, don't trade with Tashu. You will be waiting a very long time with countless excuses.

Edit: Fixed some flubs with Tashu's gender. :) If anyone spots any instances where I still refer to him as she, please let me know.

While this was in queue, Tashu has delivered his half of the trade seen here.
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