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Chiptune Commission

Hello everyone,

I opened up for commissions for chiptunes (old-school video game-style songs) and one of my watchers sent me $20 to do a cover of the "Adventure Time" theme song. Is this even legal, considering I'll probably post it on FA? If not, I should probably refund the money.

I took a request for a public-domain hymn a few years ago, but this is entirely different.

Thanks for any advice.

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May. 13th, 2012 06:27 pm (UTC)
i've got no experience in music comissions, so this may be horrid advice, but i'd personally request they get permission from the writers of the original tune before taking it. it shouldn't fall to you to acquire the legal go-ahead. and it also shouldn't be too difficult to do, since the adventure time creative team seems to very much enjoy being in touch with their fanbase.

in all likelyhood the song writers will say yes and it will be fine, but requesting they get the permission first seems like a good way to cover your bases.


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