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So, a few of you may have noticed my debacle with Gideon Hoss, concerning a comission that is now well over a year and a half overdue and not even started. I have given him multiple chances, recieved multiple promises, and in the last few weeks had some good communication and had a plan to solve this, but life intervening on his end.

And then, silence. Nothing on Aim, nothing on FA, nada.

Should I pursue getting this art done, abandon it and consider this a lesson hard learned, or be a dick and try to find the transaction on paypal and dispute it, freezing his account until it gets done?

I've been more than patient, this is to the point where I'm being jerked around, but the nice guy side of me is screwing with my judgement. Wat do, AB?

edited due to spelling errors upsetting my OCD.
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May. 12th, 2012 04:07 am (UTC)
Oh so does he want to go out like Starfinder? Cripes.

Bad all around Gideon. Bad all around, to take advantage of someone's kindness. Perhaps you should just send him a message saying you don't want the art, you want your money back. Even if you got the art, I have a feeling you'd have this :| reaction to it, y'know?

Or then as a last possible... regrettable... suggestion... would be to toss your hands up and say 'f*** it'. And never ever suggest anyone get a piece from him ever as the struggle isn't worth it.


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