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Advice needed? - Uncommunicative seller

Hello, I don't quite know if this is an okay place to post this, but I'm a bit nervous and could really use some advice.

I purchased an item from a user on etsy a little over a week ago. They have decent feedback, save for one negative where the buyer said they didn't get their item. The rest of this artist's feedback was stellar, though, so I thought I'd purchase something from them and give it a go. I bought the item and paid immediately and just sort of waited to be notified of shipping. It's been about a week, and the invoice still says my item hasn't been shipped.

That's all well and good, I mean, I don't know if this person takes a while to make the necklaces or not, they don't really -say- in their shop or anything. So yesterday I popped a quick message to their etsy account with a link to the invoice asking about the shipping status, and asked for a tracking number if they could get me one, since it's coming from a good long distance. It's been a little over a day since I sent the message, with no response. I don't know if the artist has been online at all since, but it's sort of offputting to get absolutely no communication.

Artists_beware, am I being too impatient? I get that things come up in life, but I'd really appreciate some communication from the person I bought from - even a quick little "Some things have come up/I have to make this piece from scratch so it might take me a couple weeks" would put me at ease. The rest of their feedback really commends their fast shipping and quality of their jewelry, so I don't really want to panic and try to get a refund with it only being a week since I ordered from them.

Anyway, thank you for any advice you can offer me!
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