Kayla-Na (kayla_na) wrote in artists_beware,

Has Anyone seen Moldred?

Last year he won a four page sketch comic from an auction I was hosting. It had taken me a while to actually get to his commission, but I had sent the first page to his comic to get it approved by him before I continued on.

No response.

I sent him another e-mail, wondering if he was still there. No response. x_X; I'm...not sure what I should do here. This is like the second time I've had a commissioner not respond to me after they've sent me the money for an extended period of time (The first issue was resolved after he had told me he was getting a new house so he was unavailable for almost two months).

Anyway..yeah..uhm. Should I just send him his money back or keep pestering?
Tags: advice for artists, comm-moldred, lost contact

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