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Hello, I was recently enlightened about this group via FurAffinity and I think it's really handy, so far no one I've commissioned is on the list so I guess I'm doing something right!

Anyways, the issue at hand is that I've lost contact with a fur on FA by the name of Leeden, his banner won one of the 2012 (possibly 2011) entries (The Knowledgebase for banner history isn't up-to-date). On March 8th 2012 I commissioned him for a piece done of my fursona (Screenshot), he responded March 19th that he'd be glad to do the deed and apologized for the wait (Screenshot)(Payment). He stated in this note that he would provide sketches in the up coming days, I waited but I wasn't given any sketches (Screenshot). Not too long after my boyfriend and I went on a trip during the weekend of April 5th til the 9th, I sent out a mass message to all I was commissioning from at the time that I would possibly be unreachable during this time and I'd respond to any message once I returned (Screenshot). The message I sent to him is still unread (Screenshot). I also sent him an email (his paypal email assuming it was his main) asking if he had the sketches or a finished product (Email), I understood he was busy because he told me so when he responded to my commission request. I'd just like to get ahold of him in some shape or form, I've even contacted his most recent finished commissioner to see if there was any other way of getting ahold of him other than email or twitter. He's stated FA isn't a place his visits often so noting him there doesn't seem like something I can do since he hasn't even read my last note.

Any advice, ideas? From this my friend who referred me to him told me I should ask to pay half first and then half later either after WIPs/Sketches or the finished product, not saying he's a bad guy but this situation has gotten me into the grove of doing this with future commissions.

Updated Links:
Note #1 - Click
Note #2 - Click
Note #3 - Click
Note #4 - Click
Email Notice - Click
Payment Proof - Click

Update: I've yet to have gotten any official word from Leeden on my commission, his friend told me he was dealing with IRL issues and I took his word for it, I thought at least he'd get in touch with him to update me or at least update his Twitter or FA account with something about the situation. I'm well over my 45day limit to dispute for a refund with PayPal, but I don't want to ask the bank to dispute about one. Should I update this into a Beware? I can udnerstand IRL issues but leaving your commissioners int he dark and not at least trying to update or respond to any messages (email or note) since March is a bit too much.
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