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Advice needed...

I'm an artist of a pet adoptable website. I've worked with other artists on making different stuff before, but there's this one artist I really liked working with. But whenever she brings in a third person, and if I disagree with the way she wants to handle something, her first point of call seems to be "Fine, I'll just take out the work you did on the art."

This has happened twice now, most recently a few days ago. I'm feeling a bit used for lack of a better word. I feel like as soon as another artist comes along into the project, my work is tossed aside. I honestly feel like my work is some kind of consolation prize rather than work to be respected.

I really love this person in that she's my best friend online, so of course I don't want to hurt her feelings. But I feel like in doing so, I'm crushing my own. I don't really want to work with this person anymore but I feel like if I tell her that, she'll get all offended and the whole thing will snowball.

Any advice is appreciated.

EDIT: Thank you very much for your advice and kind words. I've decided the best course of action was to cut ties with the place entirely. TBH I was getting pretty tired of the festering drama in that place. Thank you again :)

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