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Beware: Sarcy

Hello everyone. I wanted to bring attention to an artist and see if anyone else has had any issues with Sarcy - FA is .

My husband and I had gotten to know her and her husband at AC 2010. She posted a journal that they were in a bit of a financial crunch and would be doing full sketchbook commissions for $150 to be filled over the course of a month.

My husband wanted to help them out, so we commissioned her for a sketchbook. This was on August 30th, 2010. We sent payment that same day. Initially all was well; we received updates and saw a few sketches that were in the book over the next few months (the sketches that she showed for progress I can no longer find in her gallery).

Our last communication through notes with Sarcy was on March 30th, 2011, where she stated that she didn't think that she could finish it and offered us a full refund, which she could pay off in it. My husband had talked with her husband multiple times over instant messaging, and we had been in several of her streams, and understood that they were going through some rough times at that point, too. We responded to her, letting her know that we did want to pay her for the work that she had done, and even if she didn't want to finish it, that we'd still like to have the art that she did do, and offered that if she wanted to pay us a partial amount (that we never settled on) we'd be more than willing to do that. Her response was that she was having some personal issues, and never really addressed whether she would refund us the partial amount, or full amount, or how we should proceed.

The last communication we had with her was on a journal that I had posted before our wedding looking for some wedding-themed commissions; She replied to it, and said that if we wanted, she would do a commission in exchange for knocking off some of the money that she owed us for the sketchbook (which we hadn't seen any money from at all).

We have not heard anything more from her at this point, and wanted to make other commissioners aware of our situation, as well as see if there are any other people that are in a similar situation as us.

I wanted to post a follow up to this, I just received a note from Sarcy stating that she was going to be paying us back. Will update this once payments start being made.

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