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Beware: SoraKitty

WHO: SoraKitty


WHAT: Entered an art contest with the prize being $50.

WHEN: around 11 months ago. The journal (it says waiting for mine but she never updated it.)

PROOF: Journal with the entries - she moves out. - she comes back after around 6 months. Says she'll post the winner in Feb. - my entry
I've sent her countless notes all of which have been read and unanswered.

Screenshot of comments on my submission(requested by mod)
Screenshot of her original journal
Screenshot of journal saying she would choose a winner in February

EXPLAIN: I'm not exactly sure how many art entries she had for her contest but I know it was over 5, but even if only 2 people enter you need to be able to pay up if you have a contest. As of now she hasn't paid anyone. I noted the people I knew actually submitted art and asked them if she may have personally told them they won and paid them then - but none of them were contacted. At this point she is active and does not seem to be willing to finish the contest any time soon - considering she's ignored my notes over the past years. They have been all basically the same thing, but here is the most recent one ->

I'm not sure what can be done when she wont respond to my email - for all we know she could have chosen a tattoo design already and had it done without paying anyone :/

EDIT (4/17/12)
I would also like to make it clear that I'm posting this because several people, entering a contest assuming one person will win and get $50, saw no results. This is a warning so people can be careful about entering her contests in the future.
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