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Advice: Ask for refund?

EDIT (4/15/2012): Edited the times I stated to make more sense. 
I've also decided to ask the artist about a few fixes. If the artist refuses, I'll just take it and go. I'm not going to refund on the final icon, because it was a gift for my friend who really wanted one (I was only going to ask for a refund of mine, sorry if that should have been stated earlier). 

(I'm going to be keeping names to myself in this because I'm merely asking for advice, not posting a full beware). 

A little under a month ago I commissioned an artist for 3 animated icons: one for me and my boyfriend, and one for my friend. My friend didn't have a reference of her new fursona at the time, but I sent one to her once she posted it (was after I paid). 

Here's the few notes we exchanged about it:

The icons were 7$ each, so in total I paid 21$. Here are the paypal records here:

And then I waited. I saw that she was kind of quiet for a few days after I had paid her, but then began posting stuff again. There were a few icons, so I just thought "oh, icons she owes, I hope she gets to mine next!" About a week after I commissioned her I finally noticed that she had a list for icons specifically in the bottom of her journal, and I was #2. I was hopeful they would be done soon. Then she started posting icons that were not for the person ahead of me in the list. They seemed to be from people whom commissioned her a few days or a few weeks later than from when I commissioned her. I kind of shrugged that off and waited to see if she'd do mine after the person in front of me. A little over a week ago, the person in front got both of their icons done, so I figured mine were up next. I waited the following week and she did post icons: But icons that either seemed to be gifts or other commissions. 

Finally, I decided to note her, and after I did she decided to post my icons:

I would be excited but...These icons were not what I was expecting. The quality is quite a considerable amount lower than most of her other recent icons, and these look quite rushed as well. The animating is also a little less of quality than her usual stuff, and on my boyfriend's icon a frame seems to be out of place. 

Here are links of them animated:

Not only that, but my boyfriend seems to really be erked with the coloring (which I agree is fairly sloppy compared to her other things), and there are some aspects about the characters that are wrong (like the left ear on my fursona is suppose to fold forward, small things but kind of hard to miss for me).

The way she replied to my note also rubbed me the wrong way:

She seemed to want to make it sound like I was hassling her or something...But this is the first time I've contacted her through this whole thing. She also posted them only after I made that note (which is why I underlined times in all these), and I did note her my friend's reff way back in the beginning. 

I'm awfully displeased with her service and the finished product. I will not be commissioning her again, but I'm wondering if I'm in the clear to ask for a refund? I don't want to make the artist upset with me, but I'm just wondering if anyone here thinks it's justified? If you think I'm over-reacting, that's a fine answer two. I'm just torn between sucking it up with something I don't feel I paid for, or being stubborn and asking for my money back.
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