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Beware: AluminemSiren

April 10 Edit: A day after I initially sent in this post for mod approval, Aluminem actually contacted me with an inked copy of the commission. I asked for some changes, and was sent them fairly quickly. The commission is still not complete, but progress is happening! I'd say this has been PENDINGfor now since I finally got a reply and progress on the art.

April 11 Edit: Setting this back to pending, after a few comments suggested I shouldn't jump the gun on saying it's resolved when it isn't.

April 17 Edit: Alum is currently taking more new commissions and says those will be done by early next week:

May 19 Edit: Alum has kind of disappeared off the face of the earth again.

WHO : AluminemSiren
WHAT: $25 commission "portrait"
WHEN: December 12
PROOF: (Paypal Receipt)(Aluminem confirms payment)

Hello there everybody. This is actually my first post here and I hope it's worth even being mentioned. For the [past four months](screenshot), I've been trying to get in contact with AluminemSiren about a simple $20 Character Portrait I'd like to get from them. I paid them on the day I contacted them and Aluminem said they'd get me a sketch the next day, but that didn't happen. Time passed, and I actually forgot about it until a month or two later. I tracked them down on FA again and inquired about it, and then a general post appeared shortly after stating they were simply[procrastinating on the art for everybody.](screenshot)

I left comments there asking for the [status two months ago, then one month ago.](screenshot), and about [20 days ago from the time of this post](screenshot) , all of which have been unanswered. Someone else actually replied to my month-ago status saying they were also wanting to know the status of their commission as well, but they have since hidden the comment. Meanwhile, Aluminem has been actively talking to other people in their journals and shout pages.

During this time, Aluminem has taken [several] [new] [commissions] [while] [leaving] [o][t][h]er people like me on the [waiting list](screenshot of a few of the journals, but not all) (screenshot of waiting list). For example, Razorblitz asked for a commission [three months ago] and it's listed as "COMPLETE!!"(screenshot). kougatalbain is also above me on the waiting list even though I paid before them, as are a few others. I am not sure if that list is in 'to do' order but I've been placed at the very bottom.

Aluminemsiren won't give me the time of day and I'd really like to know if I'll ever see this commission from them. I very well know that life happens and [new jobs] really do take the energy out of you sometimes, but I feel there could have been time in this 3-4 month long gap to at least write me a reply. Judging by their [20+ commission list] and the amount of time I've been waiting it may be a very long time until I even see a sketch.

(It won't let me add tags for this post on both [Livejournal and Semagic], sorry about that)
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