Heidi (origamigryphon) wrote in artists_beware,

Lost Contact

I have been attempting to get a hold of meuniere for several months now. Her last journals from last March say to email her for anything, and I have, but after about June last year I haven't heard anything back from her. Her last journals also state her health issues and her job are keeping her from a lot of things, but it only takes a moment to say "I'm alive" and click send.

I recently found her on Facebook, and she seems to be posting there frequently; I sent her a message on 29 March but I am not sure if she will get it as we are not friends on the site.

If anyone knows her personally, or knows how to get a hold of her other than these avenues, it would be greatly appreciated.
Tags: artist-negativezerro/meuniere, lost contact

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