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Beware: Sugarpoultry/Jennette Brown

WHO: Sugarpoultry aka Jennette Brown

WHERE: http://sugarpoultry.deviantart.com/ http://www.jennettebrown.com/index.php

WHAT: Reusing lineart for custom commissions/tracing

WHEN: I commissioned her in February because she had made a journal about bills being rough and I wanted to help out a little more than a recolor badge (if only I knew...). Journal is here: http://sugarpoultry.deviantart.com/journal/Re-fill-Badges-Now-Open-with-commissions-283061336 I was initially going to get a recolor with additional detail because I wanted to help with a little more than $2, but she wanted more for the extra detail than I was comfortable with (from $2 to $30 is a big jump) so I opted for an ID instead.

Notes detailing this transaction (read from bottom up): http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/248/deviantartnotes003830.png

While taking a peek at something else in her gallery today, I noticed a thumbnail that looked eerily like my commission, and after some help getting overlays and some advice from other digital artists (because I'm painfully ignorant about digital art and programs) I don't think it's just a case of 'there's only so many ways you can draw a wolf howling'.

PROOF: My commission: http://sugarpoultry.deviantart.com/gallery/701295#/d4pia0x
the icon in question: http://sugarpoultry.deviantart.com/art/Kno-Icon-210028164?
Another piece: http://sugarpoultry.deviantart.com/gallery/701295?offset=72#/d1wvpx2
Overlays: http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/8697/overlayw.jpg http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/4176/overlay2.jpg
A photo googled up (fifth image under 'howling wolf' on my search) seems to be a match as well.
Overlay with icon in question: http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/878/fdasssssssssss.png

There are a few tweaks to the nose, lower jaw, and muzzle stop, but the ears and the general line of the neck on both sides line up pretty damningly, and the eyes are in virtually the exact same place, and they all have that odd tooth in the upper muzzle (the one Goldenwolf remarked on in the comments of my commission.)

And, after a little digging, it seems I'm not the only one. If mine may be slightly vague, these (especially the first two) are not.


Comparisons/overlays: http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/3527/77308406.png

These are COMMISSIONS, not personal art, and in no way does it say in her TOS that she may reuse lines/sketches from previous commissions. http://www.jennettebrown.com/cominfo.php

EXPLAIN: I think these images speak for themselves. Honestly, it wasn't a high-dollar commission, but it's the principle of the matter. I paid for original artwork, not a recolor. It just hurts to feel slighted by one of my favorite artists, and to see such a history of such actions :/

Edit 1:12pm 4/6/12 I have received a full refund, but I'm not sure this should be marked as resolved because it's not just about my individual transaction, it's more about the business practices.
Tags: artist-sugarpoultry/jennette brown, beware, tracing
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