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Xnomiad [edit]

WHO: Xnomiad


WHAT: a 50x50 pixel icon for $2 (I know it's not that much, but money is money)

WHEN: March 12 - now


the original post (along with our agreement) post deleted, but I didn't screencap it
my Paypal receipt
my pm to her on DA (ignored)

EXPLAIN: I was browsing on teenycom when I spotted Xnomiad's post offering pixel icons for $2. So I went there and requested for one. She agreed to do it and I paid her promptly. A few days went by, and I keep checking on TeenyCom to see if there's any progress on my icon. Nothing yet. So I left a polite comment asking how things are. No response. So I decided to pm her on LJ, reminding her about my icon, only to find out she disabled the pms

I went by her DA page and sent her a pm, once again, about my icon, but it was read and ignored

I pm'd her again on March 28 asking about my icon, while also warning her to have it done by April 4 or I'll be asking for a refund. She never responded. So I contacted rikkoshaye  (who also attempted to commission Xnomiad as well) about my problem with her, and the suggested that I file a dispute on Paypal (and so I did)

be cautious when doing business with Xnomiad. She may have cute icons and some nice artwork, but she's very rude and will ignore you should you ask for updates on your commission

ETA: Xnomiad decided to cancel some commissions (including mine as I've filed a dispute anyway) due to lack of computer time, as she mentioned in a DA pm
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