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Artists Beware: Mukluk/shootitout

WHO: Morgan/shootitout/Mukluk

WHERE: deviantArt

WHAT: Digital art trade.

WHEN: October, 2011


EXPLAIN: In October me and shootitout had decided on doing an art trade, it was discussed, the characters to be drawn discussed. We chatted throughout this time. I finished my side of the trade, they were very happy to receive.

Entire conversation on the piece can be seen here:

They even used the image they received on Neopets. (With my permission)

After a month had past without me hearing on their side of the trade, I decided I'd remind them about it--maybe they had forgotten!

They didn't forget, they clearly stated this. They promised it would be finished soon.

Over the six month period, I've been nothing but friendly, reminding them on their uncompleted trade. Mind you, I've only reminded them about four times.

Maybe they misinterpreted sarcasm, and got angry with me, I'm not sure. They seem to be very easy to ignite.

All-in-all, I'm sick of waiting, I don't want their half anymore. Just be warned, and don't do trades with this person. They were incredibly rude and defensive, their friends even joining in to pitifully try and support them.

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