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Warning: about myself... :P

For anyone who may ever wish to commission or do a trade with me, please understand and be warned that I'm a painfully slow artist. (I've taken up to 3 months on ultra-detailed commissions--like this one--and way longer for trades, tho I often try to squeeze those as well as gift art in-between commissions.) But I promise that I WILL finish your pic and WILL keep you updated on my progress as I go, NO MATTER WHAT. Married life with 2 little kids equals little time for art, unfortunately, so I do what I can and just hope that everyone will be patient with me. I apologize to anyone to whom I owe a trade (and I know there are a lot of you and most of you have waited forEVER already); you WILL get it! (Thankfully, I only have 3 commissions in the works at the moment.) *whew*

Thanks in advance for your patience,

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Sep. 23rd, 2003 05:03 pm (UTC)
dont worry about it. once both me AND XianJaguar took a whole year to complete our commissions. i say as long as you keep contact with your commissioner its okay. unless they have a deadline of sorts.
Sep. 23rd, 2003 10:51 pm (UTC)
Wow, I don't feel *quite* so badly now... ;D *gryns and snugs* But yes, I *do* always keep close contact, and tell them ahead of time that I'm slow and bad at meeting deadlines. :P
Sep. 23rd, 2003 05:36 pm (UTC)
Three months? That's it? I have some people waiting six months for an art trade because I haven't been motivated. No motivation = less quality, and more often than not, they understand this.

Some artists give a time frame of up to a year to get a commission done, and a detailed piece like that would probably be longer. Three months on that detailed piece would definitely be worth the wait.
Sep. 23rd, 2003 10:49 pm (UTC)
It took 3 months to complete that particular commission; it's been a year or more for some of the earliest trades I recieved. :/
Sep. 24th, 2003 07:38 am (UTC)
It's okay that trades take awhile. Commissions have priority over them and most artists understand that. All I meant was that it's okay when things take awhile to get done. With art, you can't rush it, as I'm sure you know. ;)
Sep. 23rd, 2003 10:59 pm (UTC)
first off.. I love that image.. The colors are so smooth..

Second, Trades will wait.

Anyone with the nerve to get upset that you havent gotten around to draw them FREE art yet, needs to be shot. Thats my 2 cents.
Sep. 23rd, 2003 11:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks...So far only one person got upset with me about a long-overdue trade, but we've since smoothed things over. This post is just mainly to serve as a warning about me for any impatient people out there that may wish to commission me in the future. :)
Sep. 24th, 2003 09:00 am (UTC)
I myself am terribly slow. I am also married with 2 children aswell. I started my art career just before my first was born, and quickly learned that as he got older it got harder to take time for art. I now have a few people who regularly commission me, and know quite well i can be slow, but then again when someone commissions me with about 5 pics at a time they would have to expect a little bit of slowness :) I have quite a few to work on, and im slowly getting them taken care of, the most long standing at this time is about 6 months. I have taken up to a year (due to just not being able to get a digital bg to look right)
so don;t feel bad, i think we all have our slow times
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