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Unfinished commission: need advice

This is my first post here, so please let me know if I need to include any more information.  It's not a beware, I just need a bit of advice on an unusual commission situation.

I advertised some painting slots almost a year ago, and one of the people who responded was someone I'd worked with a few times before.  We discussed general things about the painting, gave her a quote, and she sent payment in full ($30) with a note that she'd email me references later.  A couple weeks went by and she still hadn't sent the images, so I emailed a reminder that I still needed refs.  She replied saying family stuff was going on, she'd send the files soon, etc.  After another few weeks I sent her another email and got no response. 

Since then I've tried emailing both addresses I know of, leaving a message on her LJ account and sending a note on FA, but haven't gotten any reply.  What's the proper thing to do for a situation like this?  I didn't think to include anything in my ToS about it.  Should I just keep the money and wait for her to get in touch?  Refund her?  I'd rather not leave this hanging, but don't want to accidentally do anything unprofessional or rude.
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