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Advice on a botched plush commission

I am very, very pleased with the communication of the person who made my Arcana Plush. And even more pleased with how fast the postage was. However; now that it's arrived. It is in HORRIBLE condition. It has holes all over and isn't sewn very well. I've had to sew 5 holes on the tail alone, as well has sew the tail back onto her bum as it was coming off. The back of one of the ears looks as though someone has tugged at the fabric or done a horrible job of unpicking the stitching. And there's a rather large hole on her side. I've spent the afternoon sewing most of it back up (Rather than doing my own projects) and as I was sewing up the largest hole, two more appeared beside it...The pattern is sewn horribly, the body is wonky, and the eye markings are not straight at all, not to mention the eyes are bulging out of the head. This is beyond a joke.. What do I do? I've taken photos of the largest holes, and the sewing I've done and emailed it to the person who made it.  
Here are some photos of the holes. You can see where the fabric is coming apart from the ear.  I tried to sew it back together but have failed.  Here you can see where I've sewn the tail back together (where the threads are poking out)  as well as at the base.  Please excuse the sewing box mess.

If you need more photos I am more than happy to provide them.

Oh.  My apologies, I do realise that I have left some details out, such as price, materials, etc.  

This is my first post to please forgive me on that.

She bought the materials from a store, and they have not been used before (This was actually her first time using that particular type of material at all)  

She has now messaged me back, we have discussed a resolution.  As it is only the black fabric that is tearing, we both agree that it had something to do with that.  I stated that it is indeed of a lower quality.  She offered some solutions on how I could fix it, and offered to give me $20AUD back, as well as a smaller plush made from a different material to make up for my troubles.   She also apologised several times for the problem.  I am more than happy with the resolution.  

 I paid $110 AUD (Paid it over a period of time, so the Australian Dollar had changed over the time I was paying it.  At one point the currency conversion stated that I was paying $130 AUD. )  

Yes, I received many WIP shots, she was excellent with sending them to me.  Her replies to any of my questions were very quick as well.
The WIP shots did look slightly different to my received product.  The beans in the plush's feet have moved to a different part of the leg (I have of course, moved them back, but the foot is still a little too floppy) So perhaps someone was very rough with it in transit? She was also rather squashed into her package.  Could that have sent her body shape a little out of proportion? 

Thank you to everyone whom had posted with suggestions. I appreciate all of your help, and I do apologise again for forgetting to add some more detail on my situation.   It has now been resolved.   I am pleased with the outcome.  

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