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Artists Beware: Incomplete/undelivered statue commission

WHO: Glassjaw Boxer  (I've removed most of his first name from the screen captures below, but since his e-mail address includes his last name, I figured there was no sense in omitting it - and it sounds like he's been posted here a couple times before, so I think enough people already know who he is.)

WHERE: Not a physical location, commission was initiated on FA.

WHAT: My commission request was for one of the seven or eight sculpture commission offerings Glassjaw had opened in early 2007, although he's taken on a few extra since then.

WHEN: The initial payment was cleared on PayPal in June of '07, as seen below.

After that, I got one or two e-mail updates from him over the course of the next two years, but no evidence of any actual work being done to finish it except for the status update list on his FA page, which very rarely ever changes unless he adds someone new to his queue - and I had seen a number of other statue commissions arrive there, then go to completed status, well after mine came in.

Sadly, I didn't save any of my FA notes that I'd sent to him.  I would get so fed up with the time delay between updates and the fact that I had to contact him about four more times just to get an update that I eventually rage-deleted the notes I'd sent him there, right at about the same time that I got rid of my old "Stormcatcher_" account here.  Luckily, I did save the e-mail trail in my G-mail account.   After a few more unsuccessful exchanges with him via e-mail, he finally sent me an update in the spring of 2010, with actual pictures of the statue's progress:


After this impressive update, he stopped replying to me after I'd inquired again on the status once we rolled into 2011:

My last request for a status update was sent to him on FA around March the 5th of 2011.  I haven't heard anything out of him since, so we're coming up on the sixth year anniversary for the commission's original request date.

PROOF: I think the screen caps above speak for themselves.  I really wish that I'd saved those e-mail status requests from FA, but unfortunately, I didn't find out that "Artists Beware" even existed until just after New Year's of this year, and though the amount he'd quoted me for the commission was high, he'd given me a discount on it because unlike many of the other statue requests he'd done, mine was one of the few G-rated ones - but I still don't think the amount would be high enough to qualify even for small-claims court.

EXPLAIN: Although I don't have proof, I did ask him for a refund near the middle of last year.  That was about the time he stopped responding to my notes on FA.

To be fair, though, I made a number of mistakes on my own end.  When it became obvious that he'd put some actual effort into working on the statue, I got so excited and hopeful that when his status updates stopped, I started getting desperate enough to make him other offers, solely in hopes that it would spur him into completing the original commission.  These included offering to let him turn it into something more XXX-rated, offering him a second commission and/or a higher payoff if he got it finished and in my hands in a timely manner, and even an offer to let him abandon the commission and keep my original payment if he'd send the part he'd completed up to that point to me so I could have a local artist friend try to complete it for me.    Yes, I realize that that was probably a very insulting thing to do, but let's face it, folks.  It had been *six*...*years*.

This is pretty much my last resort.  Even though he's been bad about keeping people waiting in the past, I've noticed that he typically has been good about following up with disgruntled commissioners if they take the time to post here, so I'm hoping that the same will happen for me.

A big thank you to the moderators of this site for creating this community in the first place.  If you need anything else from me for this posting, please let me know.

UPDATE:  04/24/13
So, on April the 9th, I finally receive a note from GB on my FA page:

Update from 4-9-13

Essentially, he promised to have some photo updates for me by the end of that week (the weekend of the 13th), and the finished commission mailed to me by the end of the month.  I never received the photo updates, so I'm not exactly holding my breath....but we'll see.   If he comes through, I'll make another update edit to this post.

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