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Advice on material warnings.

I’ve been making some items to sell on my Etsy as of late, and have been storing up pictures and descriptions and prices lists to start getting my store going soon. As I was going through and creating a materials list, I came across a warning label. One that many of us are familiar with.

“WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

I live in California, and I don’t know about others here, but I’ve come to see them so often I just ignore them now. But it got me thinking; I’m going to be selling to people both inside and outside of California.

Should I list this warning on items that are using materials that have this warning? Am I able to be held legally accountable for said items should something come up later down the line? Would you (hypothetically) as a customer be turned off from buying my product if you saw this warning somewhere on the listing? Is putting this warning on my listing a good idea/bad idea? Do I even NEED to do it? Is it something that should be taken into account when shipping outside of the USA?

Some items I already have listed as “do not ingest” or “do not put in mouth.” But some of them actually DO go in the mouth (this warning appears on a label for a pottery glaze that I’m using for ocarinas I’m making. So the mouthpiece does come into contact with saliva and the tongue. The label[s] however does not say anything about food safety other than the Prop 65 warning.) Others do make contact with the body, but not the mouth, such as earrings and other jewelry. Ideas?
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