mittymandi (mittymandi) wrote in artists_beware,

Lost Contact : NeoDraco(07)?

Hello, AB! 

Last August, I attended RMFC and was commissioned by a guy who went by NeoDraco. He and some friends commissioned me for two full color pieces, totaling over $200 of art. 

I waited about a week after the convention ended (as is normal for me, as I inform all my clients) and then sent out emails requesting additional details, references, etc for their commission. I sent this primary email on August 15th. 

About two months later, October 20th, I sent out another email, to check up on him. No response. 

My last email was sent out February 8th. Again, no response. 

I tried to check out NeoDraco and NeoDraco07 on FA; the former is a completely blank profile, and the latter doesn't exist. 

I'm not sure how to proceed, AB. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
Tags: comm-neodraco, lost contact
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