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Artist- Psychotic-Rainbow / Flesh-Pudding


WHO: Psychotic-Rainbow (New Account): Flesh-Pudding

WHERE: (Though here:

She claims she's moving to a new name; I will update when/if I can find the new account. It should not be that hard..)



WHAT: This SHOULD have been a simple art trade; start back in March of 2011. My half of the art trade was done in a few days; you know following normal procedure. My half:
As of this day I have not heard, or seen anything about me since the comment that day.

WHEN: Art trade started March 2011, My half was finished March 16th 2011. Hers was never done/uploaded/anything.

PROOF: The comments on my half of the trade are pretty fair proof: But I'll screencap them too since she's deleting everything. Pictures below:

Some other screencaps I've taken just to prove that I've tried to contact her:

EXPLAIN: I'm not particularly sure 'what went wrong' I've tried to contact her AT LEAST 3 times during the course of the near year.. I don't like to pester artists, because I know it can take a little while to do something, especially with life going on.. but nearly a year for something she could have been doing while she was doing other little doodles??? Now she's moving, has blocked me, and ignores all of my comments.

More Screenshots of previous attempts at contacting her:

Recently she told a friend of mine that I never sent her refs.
So here's the FIRST note I sent her(I have all of the others archived, if need be:

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