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Extremely unprofessional artist: Falvie

WHO: Falvie


WHAT: Valentines day single character commission for my partner, Thornbeast

WHEN: February 11th, it was agreed to be finished the day before valentines day. Was instead finished March 1st.


EXPLAIN: She posted a journal about couples commissions. I asked in note about a private commission with a single character to be done the same day as the valentines day commissions, as it was a gift for my partner for valentines day. She accepted and we both agreed to payment at completion.
I decided to ask her to say it was from my second account, which is linked to my partner's commissions account then she had told me that she would finish it the next day instead.
The day came and passed with no acknowledgement from Falvie, so i proceeded to ask her about it a bit later That was fine, she seemed really sweet for a while. I was a bit frustrated, but it was okay with me....
Then comes her posting a journal for a stream. She said that she will finish some owed commissions and be TAKING ON MORE on the stream . Ended up with her seeming to not really finish many if any of the outstanding commissions and to just be taking more and more money from others. I asked her if she would be finishing my commission as she had said she would, and while complaining about it being late and saying how tired she was... she ended up sketching it. I had asked at this point for her to instead do the Spring form of this character instead of the winter form; she agreed and said she would do that in the coloring stages.
The next day she streamed and said that she will only finish outstanding commissions if they get ANOTHER slot IN STREAM. so I had to chase her for a slot, and I was quite lucky to get one too since she's usually hard to catch a slot from. Sadly my laptop has been having issues so I couldnt cap everything, but whenever I would ask for a correction she would say she would do it and NOT do it or she would complain. My partner sent the payment for me, as I was having paypal issues. I can get a screencap when she is around if anyone would like.
I asked her to fix the colors on the character and make them more gray, she complained and said that she would do it later and that it should be close enough now anyhow (its supposed to be a very dulled down character in general).
I also asked her to make the gradients less smooth and kind of spiked out like in the reference. She agreed, but never fixed it.
Edit: These markings were quite clear on the reference I had given her in the note at the beginning of the commission. The things were what she had missed, and not a change that I had neglected to tell her. These things were not mentioned until she had been coloring them, as they were color related and I could not have anticipated her skipping over them.
As well as that, the change from winter to spring form (adding the vines and flowers) were made at the beginning of the commission around the time she had begun the sketching stage if not before /Edit
I then asked her if it was possible to make the eyes a bit more orange and she complained and refused to do that as well.
I also asked her to fix the face markings and she replied with this; since I was getting fed up and did not want to deal with her anymore, I decided to play along. I found this extremely rude, however. She also rushed when fixing it and it shows in the piece.
She ended up forgetting the vines and flowers on the character. This she decided to make up for with a quick sketch instead of fixing it (I would have rather she fixed it, however.) either way, I do appreciate the gesture and was happy that she made up for the mistake.
As she was drawing the sketch, someone had asked her about their commission. Falvie was EXTREMELY rude to her. I can provide screenshots if they are wanted, but this is for that commissioner to post and not me. Hopefully her entry will be accepted soon, because I was horrified at Falvie's behavior. She had basically said that she knew she was unprofessional and did not care that she would lose customers for it. She did not seem to care at all about the people whom paid her or will be paying her to do her job and called the user a scammer for being disappointed for waiting so long. This was as she was streaming for me, so it was extremely uncomfortable to be caught in the argument. (Edit: )
Finally everything was done and the image was posted. I was happy with the picture (other than the rushed fixing of the face markings), and actually still find it beautifully done regardless of the problems i have had with her. I had thought that I was done with her at that point.
Someone called the character male in the picture and I corrected them happily. No problem, it happens all the time right? Someone else then said that falvie makes "the weirdest shit look awesome" so I replied saying something similar to "Well, I think Thorn is always awesome 8P" And then... when I looked to see the picture again I realized that Falvie had hidden all comments I left (even me complimenting the artwork) and said to the second person i mentioned, "Nevermind them. I have to make things look awesome, otherwise it wouldnt be fun!" or something similar to that. I asked her why she had hidden my comments, as they were not hostile or anything (maybe one could be taken as such, but the others?) and she deleted the submission.
In my confusion I asked her why she deleted it on her page and had said that if I had done anything to anger her then perhaps it would be okay for her to repost it at least for my partner's sake? a few minutes later my partner went on Falvie's page to see this; with the link to this;
I was confused and insulted that she would do such a thing, but I had hoped it was a coincidence. I commented again after she had stopped spamming her page, because I had just wanted an answer to my question. She then proceeded to spam her page AGAIN as seen here; and then she posted a journal soon after. I dont know if this is a coincidence, but it was RIGHT after, so it is possible it has to do with me. If it does not, then I apologize for assuming; (Edit: yes, this does have nothing to do with me. My apologies.)

Here are some other relevant journals I have screencapped;

Edit: for clarification's sake, she OFFERED the commissions to be done the day before valentines day. This is evidenced in one of the journals in the link directly above. I was told to note her, as this was supposed to be a private commission. As well as that, Thornbeast's reference sheet very clearly showed the cheek markings as linked above where it was mentioned.

Edit: She posted a public apology...saying that I hurt her and could have dealt with this privately. If this were possible then she would have replied to my question and not blocked me (as I see I am blocked now.) I cannot accept such an insincere apology as this. Instead of apologizing, she had "called me out" on "hurting" her instead of apologizing.

Not only were both my accounts blocked, by my partner was blocked as well.

Edit: As I am blocked by Falvie, I would like to apologize to her here. Though you have made some terrible decisions (in my personal opinion) you do not deserve the harassment you are getting. I sincerely apologize for the troubles and harassment this has caused. I would also like to apologize for being a demanding customer. Saying no would have been okay with me. It may have annoyed me a bit, but being a traditional artist I understand how hard it is to correct some things. I did not mean for this to happen, as all I was doing was leaving a "negative review" of sorts. I had no idea that this would blow up into the mess it is. I am very sorry.

All in all, this artist has a lot of potential as a commission artist. She has lots of talent and can finish art in good time when she actually gets to doing it. Problem is, she has a terrible attitude and I wouldnt recommend commissioning her outside of quick IN STREAM commissions or for any complicated characters that will have things that may need correcting. I am happy with the art she had given me, but not the missed deadlines and general unprofessional attitude as well as complete disregard for paying customers.

I apologize if anything is confusing or horribly misworded.
Tags: artist-falvie, beware
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