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WHO: Falvie on 
WHERE: Her Livestream that she was hosting. 
WHAT: A while back Falvie had a journal up for dragon commission slots. I was unable to get the money in time so she said she will be doing more of them. So after waiting for a long time for her to open some more, I decided I'd post a shout asking her if she was going to do them soon. She said that she could take my commission. So after waiting 2-3 months I asked her if she had done my commission yet. She said she'd get to it tomorrow. She kept saying stuff like that...tomorrow. So, I noticed she was streaming, so I watched her stream for a couple of days, hoping that she'd do mine. I noticed that she kept doing other people's commissions. I got kind of impatient, here it is 3 months and she had only gotten a sketch done. 
Here's the log of the situation: 
KittenJ: Falvie? I've been waiting like a really long time for my drawing. :< I don't want to sound like a ***, but I'm going to have to go to another artist. :/ 
NekoMaya: you need patience Kitten 
KittenJ: 3 months is quite a lot of patience. 
falvie: thats why you dont pay 
falvie: guess you just wanted the free sketch 
KittenJ: not really.
KittenJ: i just wanted my drawing. :/
falvie: you saw me working on it
falvie: be patient
falvie: geeze
KittenJ: ...
UglyEric: ehhh falvie, you're being really rude to a customer
falvie: i dont care?
falvie: jesus
KittenJ: wow.
UglyEric: wow
falvie: i was clearly working on it
falvie: i have MY own life to tend to
UglyEric: you're being unprofessional
falvie: i am unprofessional
falvie: if i lose customers so well
falvie: go off with your sketch and pay someone else to color it
KittenJ: i'll delete it. 
KittenJ: hope you change your mind about how you work with customers. and take care. 
UglyEric: also, maybe kittenj can just pay for the sketch? 
blackstatic: that's pretty rude of you as well
KittenJ: it's just very sad to see such a great artist that i look up to say that to me. :/
falvie: oh well, she was rude!
KittenJ: i wasn't trying to be rude.
UglyEric: i didnt really see much rudeness on her behalf personally.
falvie: drop it.

WHEN: I first started communicating about this commission roughly in December. She replied in the journal, that is now deleted in December; same day. The livestream was around midnight on the 2nd of March, 2012.

PROOF: (Livestream chat posted above) <--- screenshots are in there. 
EXPLAIN: I believe that politeness is the way to go. If you start arguing, besides the fact that it's immature, you won't get anywhere. So, I typed to her in a mature way, but she just responded with a very immature, non-professional way.

There was never a deadline for this commission that I wanted so badly. Although, we continued to talk through shouts most of the time. Luckily, I found some shouts of Falvie's: 

None of my shouts are left on her page, unfortunately. 

Here are the notes she didn't read:

Here's a note and the same notes that she didn't read: 

Now, from the bottom up, I'm going to start showing you what's inside these notes: - Part 1 - Part 2 

In this note, I had to be a bit stern, hoping to get my commission done, but I also show appreciation and respect for her artwork:

Now, here are the ones in my inbox, that she sent me:

Now for what's in these notes, starting from the first one of the first picture:

The second note from the first picture:

And finally the last note from the second picture:

Here are some extras my friend managed to take:

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