Partran the Druidic Tiger (partran) wrote in artists_beware,
Partran the Druidic Tiger


WHO: Besped


WHAT: Flash Animation

WHEN: Initial payment and commissions opened on May 16th, 2011. Since then there have been a series of updates stating various reasons for delay and promised completion dates that are never met and no progress is visible.


EXPLAIN: Numerous attempts to contact the artist for either the work or the refund have come up with only explanations like the ones in the journals posted above. As of this posting I have not seen any of the fap fap animations finished and reading comments throughout his page and in his shout box it appears there are many other people waiting for some response or finished work. At this point I consider my payment forfeit but everyone should know that he is still taking new work, payment upfront, for animations that may never be finished.

RESOLUTION: On June 24th, 2013 a full refund was issued from the artist Besped to my paypal account. I consider this matter closed.
Tags: artist-besped, beware, resolved

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