Trimblecat (trimblecat) wrote in artists_beware,

Some questions about getting started!

Hi guys, I'm mostly looking for advice here on getting started with accepting small commissions (and maybe eventually some day working up to bigger ones), but I had a few questions that I need answered and some general advice.

So I'm not a huge fan of paypal and have looked into alternative online sites (none of them seem to be quite up to the versatility paypal has) and was wondering if anybody's even been hurt by accepting just money orders-and other offline payment methods.

If I do end up signing up for a paypal, do you recommend I open another bank account to connect it to? I don't know how I feel about it linked to my personal checking account. (And if not, then what about when I start taking bigger commissions or selling more expensive premade products?)

Taxes (I'm a US resident): Do you have to make a certain amount before you have to worry about paying taxes? I'm really just looking to do small-time commissions for things like gas, or a little bit of pocket money and really don't even expect to make over a thousand a year doing it.

Any other general advice for someone just starting out? And thanks!
Tags: advice for artists, taxes

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