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Darzi has come forward to contact commissioners in order to attempt to make good on refunds. I Just got this on furaffinity:

re: Bailey Mauldin (darzi)
Sent By: fritteringaway to Lazer_the_Hyena On: February 28th, 2012 07:43


This is a note from Bailey, trying to get in touch with my former commissioners. I thought I had a contact for this purpose, but they never got back with me. Hopefully you're still active here on FA and can tell the others where to reach me.

I won't go into a lot of sap-story, because that doesn't really have any bearing on the situation. If anyone honestly wants to know what happened, I go into details, but I won't start this off like I'm looking for pity or forgiveness. I'll just say I went through a really rough time in which there was no way in the world for me to even start refunds, but I'm hoping that will be rectified soon. I'm working to get back on my feet, and I've swallowed my pride enough to admit I needed help not only money-wise, but in a lot of other ways that I should have seen long before I took anyone's money. It was irresponsible and stupid of me to ever start this; I wasn't mature enough to know it at the time.
Anyway, I got that help, and I'm living with my parents until I no longer need their support, but that doesn't fix what I did.

I don't know if anyone believes me when I say I'm very, very sorry. At the time, I justified my actions by saying I was going the best I could, but that's not the truth. I took advantage of trusting customers in the worst way, and I feel awful. I know that doesn't change what I did, and I can't do that, but I want to try to at least start paying people back.

I can't make payments yet, and I know it sounds like an excuse, but if I didn't intend to refund everyone I wouldn't be trying to get in touch. I am working a crappy retail job, living with my father most of the time and my mother the rest, and I have a few medical bills that take up most of my free money.
I'm slowly but surely paying off my debts, though, and I want to make this right. As soon as humanly possible, I will try to start refunds. I lost my computer from before, and I honestly don't even think my gmails from the time work any longer, so I'm trying to contact someone here who might be able to post to Artists_Beware on LJ or some other forum to let people know I'm trying to start refunds. If you know how to contact the others, please either share the information or tell them to email me. I'd be very grateful, because I don't want to miss anyone.

I won't be checking here often because I have no home internet and I'm not really in the fandom any longer. I'll check my email at the library at least every 3-4 days, but replies could be spotty. Please don't think I'm ducking out. I just don't have the most reliable of connections here, and will be doing my best to keep everyone up to date.
I've set up an email basically specifically for this, so I can keep track of who is owed what. It is bailey.mauldin[at] (not gmail because I don't have a phone to get the validation code).

I will try to check that email again tomorrow, but it won't be until late afternoon because I work and then have to drive to the library. To save gas, I might only reply at first every 3-4 days until I can start to pay people back here and there. I will try to give refunds chronologically unless there are special circumstances that pop up (such as someone needing a refund urgently and the other commissioners being okay with them getting their refund first). I don't know if it will be via paypal because I'm not sure if my account still works. I might have to send money orders; I hope that's okay with everyone.

Thank you, and I hope this gets to you okay. Please reply when you can and let others know. Thank you so much, and again, I'm sorry for all the crap I've caused. I hope I can at least get out of the red with everyone soon.

I have sent an e-mail and hope to hear back soon. Please, if Darzi owes you for a past commission, contact them. We can only hope to get our refunds.


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