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I was told to post this on here by a member of the Art Theft community. Recently, it’s been brought to my attention that a certain FA/DA user traces/greatly copies Jeremy Bernal’s artwork. Normally I wouldn’t be taking it to this level, but instead of giving credit to the original artist like I kindly ask, they go on a rage, delete all of their FA gallery, and become instantly hostile—her sister and her. She tried to lie and say “they were sketches from long ago” even though the ones that line up exactly are from 2010+. Even going so far as to write slander about me that I steal artwork, when none of my gallery has stolen art.

(EDIT: Resolved, kinda i guess. Lirienleigh has apologized to me and it seems that noxy and i are on good terms now?)

 Noxy has a new account here: ScarlettSnow and Neon-Pixels
and lirienleigh here: Sprika and Strawberry-Massacare
Noxy is also earning money off of these with commissions.

The persons in question are The-Noxious-Syringe (da)/xX-Noxy-Xx (FA) and lirienleigh, though it’s mainly Noxy.

Here’s the first:





And this NSFW


And this: NSFW

Along with this:


Someone mentioned this has a familiar pose in it on FA, and Noxy said yes, because they used a reference. However, they never cited where/what the reference was of.

Since I don’t want to get banned for posting SF, I can’t post the original version of that.

I would not suggest commissioning Noxy, though the other girl doesn’t show any sign not to commission other than the fact that she’ll slander your name into the ground and white knight her sister if you try to bring up anything like this:

Not worth trying if they’re just going to do this to an innocent bypasser who saw something and had the guts to speak up. If you don’t want to deal with someone who REALLY exaggerates things, neither of them are right for you. 

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