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A question of morals.

Edit: I re-read the artist's LJ where I was supposed to get this icon. It was called "Free icon day." People had the option of donating for the cause, and if it reached a certain mile marker, the icons would be of higher quality.

Edit 2: Actually, here:

This is the LJ where the icons were promised, as well as the artist. I wasn't very informative with my post, and I want people to read this and get a better understanding.

However as far as I (and a few others) can see, she doesn't owe me anything. Since it was supposed to be 'free icon day', and I donated simply to help the mile marker to get a better icon.
You won't see my comment on there because I made the comment on my now purged LJ account, AuroraBorealia.

Edit 3:
Poked artist, said don't bother, artist did icons anyway. Very grateful.

Over one year ago now, I donated to an artist (who's name i'll keep retracted for now) who had fallen on hard times, and promised every donator would receive an icon. Then depending on the amount she received, the icons would be more complicated (shading, TWO icons, etc). I've poked and prodded this artist, and i've been fed excuses, and that she's 'working on it'. Yet, her gallery shows no proof of this, and a friend of mine who also donated her has not received anything.

So here is where my question lies:
Do I have ANY right to be angry, or make a beware over an icon that I was supposed to get for a donation of $5 I made, or should I just consider it a lost cause because i'm a fool with my money?
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