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Mighty phoenix, inappropriate posts, new mod, etc., etc.

Firstly, this is "Poofy Wolf" under yet another username. I have risen from the ashes of Livejournal like a etc. etc., and will now moderate and maintain the community once again. I apologize for my absence. I have also added Tania Walker, aka tania as a mod, since she seems to be more active internet-wise than I. Treat her nicely, or get a branding iron to the face. If anyone else is interested in moderating this community, mention it either here or email:

Secondly, I have deleted the latest two posts by KAK. If there are any offending and/or off-topic posts in the past, comment with a link in this post. Also, all memberships and entries are now moderated. That's right folks, I done took your rights away!

And lastly, I hope everyone is having (or had) a happy winter holiday. If there are any further problems, don't hesitate to let the mods know. Take care, dudes.

-- p00f

Almost forgot, if anyone would like to suggest any additional info to the... umm, info, let us know! I'm going to wait a bit for a few more mod requests to come in too, and talk about it with Tania. Either one of us will post the new mods later.

AND... if there are any posts worth adding to memories (specific artists (good or bad), the law, etc.) mention that too. I am SLOW so forgive me. :[ I'm adding this entry to memories as well.

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