Caden Stallsworth (crazeetyger) wrote in artists_beware,
Caden Stallsworth

Beware: jonnyschweer

WHO: jonnyschweer (


WHAT: A written piece in exchange for a digital piece.

WHEN: First discussion about the trade took place about two weeks or so ago. It was on a submission of mine, though I can't remember which one, and then progressed to notes, which I have capped and provided.

Discussion of the trade:

His finished story, NSFW (contains sex) :


Capped (I apologize for all the screencaps. Photobucket butchered the full screen version so I had to do this in sections):

My questioning of the story:

His admission and offering to cancel the trade: &

My decling the trade:

My half of the trade, with a time stamp showing when I worked on it last, Sorta NSFW:

He did not see my half of the trade. While I was still in the process of sketching, he sent me the finished story. I didn't get a chance to read it for a day or so due to RL obligations.

When I questioned him about the story, he was honest about using previous stories. When he offered to cancel the trade, I took him up on it and blocked him as well. While this has now been resolved, I just felt others should know about his behavior as well.
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