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Status of artists_beware

After the charming KAK post earlier today, I got into contact with Poofy Wolf (the community admin). This is her email; she asked me to repost it to keep you guys updated:

I tried logging in to my old LJ and it's now purged (they finally did the 30-day delete thing... hmm.I logged in as poofywolf 2 months after i deleted it once... but anyway) I sent them a request to make my new username the mod of the community, but I'm thinking of saying "screw it" and just make another community. I'll probably do it later tonight. Sorry for ditching you guys, that was pretty rude of me. :P

PS, I'll make you a co-mod too, if you'd like. I'm going on the internet less and less as of late. Feel free to post this too, if you need to.

PPS. I saw the post on Misako... uuuuuugh.... x.x Take care!

You'll notice the KAK post has now been deleted. Poof managed to get back into her old account to do so, and she's also got me co-maintaining the comm now in case something like this arises again. So yeah... go about your business, folks. Nothing to see here. ^_^;

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