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Beware: Sciggles

I really hate to do this, and I'm really nervous doing so, but I feel it must be done to get what I am owed. :/ 
I am not angry at the artist, I am just concerned and worried.
I am posting this because I have received little to no updates about her half of our trade, and I have seen no WIPs.

WHO: Sciggles


WHAT: A fullcolored fullbody NSFW pinup in exchange for Tamagotchis.

WHEN: The trade was accepted on August 18th, 2011.

PROOF: The journal that she had made stating she wanted Tamagotchis in exchange for art has since been deleted but I do have the notes. I cannot remember, as the journal had been deleted, but I think she had told me to note her the info, so I did, as shown below:

Me contacting her and her response: (August 18th)
Me giving her my and my boyfriend's refs: (August 18th)

EXPLAIN: Sciggles made a journal one evening back in August saying she felt nostalgic and felt like collecting virtual pets again. She said she, in particular, wanted the original Tamagotchis or any knock-offs of them, and that she would be willing to draw art for those that sent her any.

I myself have a rather large collection of digital keychain virtual pets like Tamagotchis and Giga Pets, so I was more than happy to volunteer. I had a few that I wouldn't have mind sending since a few of them no longer worked (but she said that was fine if I sent those anyway). So I took some photos of what I had, showed them to her, and she picked out the ones she liked and wanted.

I sent her these notes regarding what I wanted:

Me contacting her and her response: (August 18th)
Me giving her my and my boyfriend's refs: (August 18th)

At the time, I was dating ChristianWolf on FurAffinity, and I wanted an adult picture of his fursona and mine doing something very NSFW, haha. I wasn't too picky, as long as I got what I was owed. Sciggles confirmed it was alright with her so I shipped the Tamas as soon as I could.

Me informing her I had shipped the Tamagotchis: (August 23rd)
Sciggles informing me that they arrived safely: (August 30th)

After a while, some time had passed.

I decided to politely poke her for an update: (October 31st)
She responded that she had a lot on her plate, and I was cool with it and thanked her for the update.

Around December, my boyfriend and I broke up, so I sent her a note to say that we're no longer together and I didn't want the pic of us anymore, but to do something else instead of the two-character pic I wanted originally.

Note here: (December 23rd)

Some more time passed. I went to her profile and saw this journal where she said she is thinking about opening for more commissions:

Journal: (February 1st)

I felt really frustrated that I saw that she was going to open for more commissions when she hasn't finished my drawing, so I sent her an e-mail since it said now on her profile to e-mail her about art:

E-mail: (February 3rd)
The e-mail has NOT been responded to.

After a few days I leave a shout on her userpage reminding her that I had indeed e-mailed her:

Shout: (February 10th)

EDIT: She left a shout on my page:

I am just really unsure what to do at this point.
She has not replied to my last e-mail, BUT she has certainly been active on her FA account, posting journals, submissions, and posting LiveStreaming notices. 

I am not mad at her at all, just frustrated and a bit worried. I have seen NO WIPS at all of what she promised me, so that leads me to believe that she hasn't even started it yet.

EDIT 2/12: She sent me this e-mail:
My reply:
I replied, and she sent me this nasty snarky e-mail afterwards:
My reply:

EDIT 2: She's going to mail them tomorrow. Will update once I receive them.

EDIT 2/16: I have received the Tamagotchis in the mail. They arrived safely and all of them are there.
I consider the matter resolved.
I have also Unwatched and blocked the artist. Will never do business with her again. VERY annoyed customer.

I hope I don't come off as pestering her for updates...I am just really concerned since she has not really contacted me at all about this. She has NOT been rude to me, she's been polite through the entire thing and I think she's not the type to scam people, but I'm just left in the dark about what I'm owed. :( I hope she sees this and fixes the problem.

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