duskiedisease (duskiedisease) wrote in artists_beware,

Lost Contact - Ellenocalypse / Goatigator (DA)

Hello A_B!

I would greatly appreciate any help that you all can offer!

About a year ago, I commissioned a few pieces from Ellenocalypse on DA. Since then she has moved to Goatigator, but I haven't heard any response from her since. I have noted her a few times about a commission, and she has agreed to refund me the money. I have yet to see this money.

I unfortunately cannot provide proof of notes at this time (I lost my old DA account which the notes were on), but I'm not looking to post a beware so I feel it isn't necessary. I'm just looking for any clues as to where she may be.

Thank you all so much! Hoping I'm not breaking any rules here..
Tags: artist-ellenocalypse/goatigator, lost contact

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