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Beware: SpaceInvaders/Stellary/Muffinbutton

WHO: Stellary/MuffinButton,  via SpaceInvaders

WHERE: http:///

WHAT: A refund for a flash-coded ref sheet

WHEN: July 2nd, 2011

PROOF: - original paypal receipt - The notes between Alex and I, and the one I sent to Stellary. - screencap of my outbox, showing that my note was read. Orange marks near the first note to SI and the one to Stellary.

EXPLAIN: I ordered a ref sheet from them in July. There was a bit of an argument because their journal had said "send payment within twenty-four hours of claiming your spot", so I sent it after I requested one. Stellary and Alex got upset with me as they had not discussed it with me before I sent it, but apologized and said that yes, I could have a slot since I paid. I apologized for misinterpreting their journal, and all seemed well. It was my error, please do not judge me badly for it. I was overexcited and I made amends.

Near the end of July they posted a journal stating that they would be willing to issue refunds, though, for those who wished it. 


I waited until November, with still no sign of activity. I sent the account a note (they asked not to be messaged on the personal accounts about them) asking for one on the 15th. Alex told me to speak with Stellary about it. I sent her a note, asking for a refund, letting her know Alex had pointed me to her. She read the note, but never replied. (note screenshots are up top under Proof, they're a little bit small)

I don't want to start a fight, and I know they already has posts about the sheets, but I didn't want to necromance them back to life. 

This is my first AB. I know that times are rough for almost everyone, believe me I understand, but it doesn't look like they are ever going to be completed.

I do want to say that I appreciate Alex responding to my notes and being kind ^^

Edit: Including both, since they did split the payment.

Edit: Alex was super-nice and is gonna send me his half. Thank you Alex!

Edit: Sent Stellary a new inquiry note.
 I will update if it gets read or I get a reply. (unread, journal posted, see below)

Edit: After reading this journal, I sent her an actual email: Email Here

 Edit: She replied promptly. -Email Response-

 Edit: I got Alex's refund in the mail today. =] Feel free to remove him! Thank you Alex!

Edit: She moved accounts again, to Muffinbutton. Be sure to watch out for that account as well.
Tags: artist-absinthe/stellary/inkyfox/spiffy, beware
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