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Lost contact - Awai

Anybody heard from Awai on FA lately? She's cleaned out her journals and galleries; she owes me a completed sketchbook from an auction to help her save money for a dentist visit 6mths ago and i've only seen one completed picture.. the quality is half of her other pictures in her gallery that are done pretty much the same time :/ Interested to find out where she's gone and if I can get my money back/get the completed art or at least something of similar value.

I have sent her a new note and a shout on her page just wondering where she is, but i'm getting an obvious feeling that she won't respond.

She's sold her characters, in what looks like an attempt to leave the fandom? (latest journal of hers) Either way I can understand college - if she kept me updated. She promised me one picture a day and while I knew not to expect that I haven't received any art in 6mths now.

If anyone has information I would greatly appreciate it, i'm out of pocket for trying to help her in a prior auction - I wish I had grabbed screenshots of it now :/
If you need my notes sent to her/from her I am happy to screenshot them and what art I have recieved. Unfortunately I cannot get any auction/payment screenshots due to paypal shutting my other account and her clearing out her journals. I really wish I had proof of it now.. 
Tags: artist-awai, lost contact

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