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Beware: Rikku

First off, this person is not a bad person, nor insulting. I'm just sick and tired of having to wait almost a year now, without a single WIP ( Work In Progress ). I'm posting this because I see way too many people considering to commission her, now for the story.

WHO: Rikku

WHERE: Furaffinity

WHAT: 2 traditional pieces to be shipped, both contained 2 characters.

WHEN: Late February 2011 to now.

PROOF: Proof added below.

EXPLAIN: I came across Rikku's gallery around February, and looked at her price chart, they were fairly cheap. I loved the art, so I decided to note her, asking for something of me and my fiance, she was very eager to get to it, here are the notes in order how the conversation went.

So I waited, then I got this message in my inbox

so I replied

Aaaand she got the payment

So now I played the waiting game, the suddenly, on March 25th, I saw her post a journal, asking for small chibi commissions to fix her scanner. At first I was rather weary about it, but then I thought, why not? I could use more art, plus commissioning her, she can get the scanner fixed quicker, we took it up in notes.

So we discussed about it, she agreed to have it done the Monday after, I paid her immediately, since I for one is a commission who doesn't like paying an artist after they started work.

Again...playing the waiting game

The Saturday comes, after the Monday she promises to get the sketches done, I noted her.

I got no reply, she read the note.

So I waited some more... gave her time.
Decided to note her AGAIN around the end of June

And waited...Finally got a reply from her a month after, it was a lenghty conversation about not being able to give me a refund, and asking me for more patiance, I think I'm a little too kindhearted on this end, but these were her intial replies.

The last one.... is what got me the most. I've been waiting so long, and she forgot the commission completely, it wasn't even that hard, nor is it hard to go into your inbox and look for notes. This fired me up, but I kept my cool, and told her I got the patience, and I'll be waiting for when she sends the sketches.

Haha...what was I thinking?

August came and I was already on a trip further up in the Caribbean than where I was, I didn't know whether or not I would have internet there, it turned out I did, so I noted her about 3 days before I left to come back.

She noted me, all the way in the second week in November, replying that she's VERY EAGER to get to the commissions. Sorry I don't got a screencap of this one, I probably deleted it by mistake...but this was my reply to her, November 11th.

We spoke a bit, I told her I'm glad her other customers isn't throwing a fit, I know how impatient some people are. All of said conversation happened on that day.

I haven't heard from her to this day, and I know I'm not the only person out there having difficulties with Rikku.

This is a warning not to go anywhere near this person for commission work, as I've seen a lot of people wanting work from her, stay far far away. Either she really has as much life troubles as she puts out to be, or she's a scammer, but all I can say I lost my $35 and I'm not pleased about it AT ALL.

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