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Serious Buyer? (please help)

Hi there,

I hope I can post here for a quick bit of advice.

Recently I was noted by someone who wants to commission me for a pair of fursuit paws,
I asked him what he wanted, from which he/she responded with a picture ref and length of paws desired.
I quoted him, and got a response about measurements and how he was going to pay - from this point it seemed like he was ready to pay as he said the money will be  small amount first and to let him know when it comes though..(i didnt get any money)

But then this was where it got a little concerning, he/she then kept noting me about little questions, like length, thickness of fur, if i can change things etc.
to the point that my inbox on FA was just a page full of this person's username. The user has changed their mind on what they want, and then asked me for my MSN. At this point, I feel a bit wary on taking on this commission.

Should I be concerned? I have never experienced this before and i really dont want to be dealing with someone who will know my address when he paypals me. The other thought is that he is not a serious buyer, the person sounds quite young with the way the notes are typed.

I feel because of all this, that i no longer want to take on this commission, t says in my T&C that i can refuse a commission should i need to, but i dont want to give off any bad customer service vibes

Thank you for your time

EDIT: I politly declined, and the user responded well. I dont think i can deal with complicated transactions atm, and with your opinions also i think it was the best thing to do. Thanks again,
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